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When I started this blog, and drew up my list of things to do, I had a boyfriend. However, ‘go on a date’ kept cropping up as an obvious thing that someone could do with their lunch break, and so it made its way onto my list too. In fact, it was fairly high up and, although any such dates would have been purely research based (mmhmm), and my datees would know in advance that I was only meeting them to ask them about their experiences (if any) of lunch time dating, I was secretly really quite excited about the idea.

For the last six months, however, I haven’t had a boyfriend and, although ‘go on a date’ might seem like the perfect lunch time antidote to this, it’s been slipping further and further down my list and getting less appealing as the weeks go by. The fear of having to go on an ACTUAL date, put myself through the awkwardness of effectively presenting myself as a potential partner to a complete stranger, and then possibly suffering the humiliation of rejection or, worse, have to deal a humiliating blow myself, all just seemed a bit too much in the aftermath of a breakup.

But 2017, with all its new beginnings, started to call and I made a decision to test out Bumble. I’ve never tried online or app-based dating, always saying that “I like the excitement of meeting someone in person and feeling a spark”, but, tired of the lacklustre attentions of one such someone who I’d met in person and their unwillingness to live up to my romantic, fireside notions (I even offered to light the fire), I decided to embrace modern technology and create myself a profile. And so, with thanks to vengeance and immaturity, here I am.

I’ve found several articles online extolling the benefits of lunch time dating. It’s said that we only need one-tenth of a second to form an initial judgment of another person, and 3 minutes to decide if we are attracted to them or not. So why give up entire evenings, or parts of your weekend, for people who, after 3 minutes, you might never want to see again?

Lunch times are quick, efficient, sober and cheap. You don’t even need to go for lunch – just a half an hour coffee so that you can be back at your desk with enough time to eat a sandwich before your break is over. If there’s chemistry and you find yourself saying “oh I can stay for another 5 minutes or so, it’s pretty quiet in the office today”, then you know you’re onto something and can decide to set a proper date for an evening the following week – or maybe even sooner if it’s really going well.

Certain cities have their own dedicated lunch time dating sites, but now with location-based apps like happn, or even apps like Tinder and Bumble where you can set the radius of your search to as little as 1 mile wide, it’s pretty easy to find someone who works nearby.

Be safe, be savvy, be dazzling, be debonair.

Go get ’em!


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